Monday, January 30, 2012

"This Thing Of Ours" Book Review

When I saw "This Thing Of Ours: How Faith Saved My Mafia Marriage" by Cammy Franzese offered by Book Sneeze, I just had to get it. I know very little about the Mafia and I thought it was incredibly interesting that a woman married to a mobster would have written a book, talking about faith of all things. "This Thing Of Ours" goes through the tumultuous years of the Franzese marriage. It tells about their meeting, engagement, marriage, jail sentences, children, and how Cammy learns and grows with each stage.

I was genuinely surprised at how little she knew of her husband's involvement in the Mob, but I really enjoyed reading this book. Cammy does a great job of describing different events in her life and weaving her belief in the Lord through it all. This is book is not to read looking for perfection. She is a real person with real struggles and is clear from the start that she is not without sin. I think if you keep that in mind as you are reading, it isn't disappointing when there are some parts of her book that are hard to believe or there are situations that don't align with God's Word.

She gives great encouragement to persevere in marriage and life. I really liked when she said, "But not only that, it's also important to persevere in our marriages, even if we don't feel like it, or the romance is gone, or it gets too hard. After all, we've chosen to marry the men we have. Too many people want to walk away from marriage when the honeymoon is but a faint glimpse on the horizon. God doesn't call us to a perfect life or a Hollywood-romance marriage. He calls us to be obedient. We we are obedient to Him and the sanctity of marriage, He will be faithful in working through our union to bring the good. (If you are in an abusive marriage, however, I am certainly not tell you to to stick it out. If you are the victim of abuse, talk to your pastor or a counselor and get help immediately.)" (page 93)

It is a really crazy story and I flew through the book! Cammy writes in a way that makes you feel like you have known her for a long time. I appreciated her honesty and authenticity.

If you enjoy biographies and stories of redemption--this is a winner!

*I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishing. These opinions are my own.*