Monday, January 21, 2013

90 Days Thru The Bible: A Devotional Journey From Walk Thru The Bible

I was so excited to review this book not only because I love the Walk Thru The Bible curriculum, but I also loved the idea of an overview of the Bible. Walk Thru The Bible does a great job of presenting the Bible as a story that is all connected in one big picture. I knew this overview would bring the same enthusiasm and simplicity to understanding each book of the Bible.

I felt like I could underline so many of the pages, but here are a few of my favorite quotes.

"Between the basic message and some of the well-known stories, deep, dark sections of Scripture remain's entirely possible, then, for us to be well-versed in certain specifics and yet ignorant of major themes."

"Our voices carry no weight when we declare that the God of the universe has revealed himself in the Bible and simultaneously admit that we haven't actually read all of it. We far too often tend to ascribe glory to God's Word and then never get around to exploring it fully for ourselves." (p. xii)

The idea behind 90 Days Thru The Bible is that it gives you a big picture idea of each book of the Bible and encourages you to dig deeper in the Scriptures for yourself. Each day goes over a book or passage and ends with questions for reflection. I think this the perfect book for any age small group. It also includes a 13 week discussion guide in the back. It is light enough to read through in a group, but deep enough to bring out tough questions that make you think. I highly recommend this book to anyone desiring to grow in their knowledge of the Bible. You will learn new truths and be reminded of old ones and you will strengthen the foundation of your faith by going through this devotional.

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